Seth Tek Chand College of Education, Rattan Dera Road , Kurukshetra, which aims to provide quality education and to the future teachers in the B.Ed. College.
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I, Mool Chand Gupta, President (name & designation), authorized representative of   the management/office namely Seth Tek Chand Memorial Public School Society on behalf of the institution namely   Seth Tek Chand College of Education,  Rattan Dera, Kurukshetra undertake that it is a Pvt.                                                                     (self financed)/Govt./University/University constituent college/govt. aided institution managed by the (society/trust or any other Govt. body/University etc.) Self Financed  The management/office   vide   society/trust resolution/order No.1292  dt. 29.12.1993   authorised the undersigned to make an application to the ERC, NCTE for grant of recognition of  M.Ed., B.Ed. & D.Ed. (course)  with an intake/additional intake of  B.Ed. Course, I do hereby solemnly affirm and state as follows:-

  1. That I have read all the provisions of the NCTE Act, Rules & Regulations. The application of the institution has been submitted as per the provisions of the NCTE Regulation, 2009. That the institution of the management shall be run under   Self Finance  (self finance scheme or under Govt. scheme etc.).


  1. That the society/trust is eligible as per the clause 4 of the NCTE Regulation, 2009. (specify the category of  the institution as per  provisions of the NCTE Regulations, 2009)

Seth Tek Chand College of Education, Rattan Dera, Kurukshertra.       (Self Finance)

  1. That the institution is in possession of legally valid land documents and conversion of land has been obtained from the competent authority as per the provisions of the law of the concerned State.
  1. That the institution has constructed building on the legally valid land possessed by the institution as per provisions of the NCTE Regulations. The construction of the building is complete in the form of a permanent structure. There is no temporary structure or asbestoses roofing.


  1. That the institution undertake that the building of the institution is constructed keeping in view the provisions and by- laws of the building construction as per the bureau of standards and the same is fully safe and secure to run the teacher training course. The safeguard against fire hazard has been provided in all parts of the building. The institution has submitted the building completion certificate as per the prescribed format.
  1. That in addition to the above the infrastructural, instructional and other facilities are   provided as per the NCTE Regulations, norms, standards and guidelines prescribed from time to time.


  1. That admission to the Course will be made only after recognition is granted by the concerned Regional Committee of the NCTE and affiliation is granted by the concerned University / Affiliating body.
  1. That admission of students, satisfying the eligibility conditions shall be made on merit on the basis of marks obtained in the qualifying examination and/or in the entrance examination or any other selection process as per the policy of the State Government/U.T. Administration and the University.


  1. That there shall be reservation of seats for SC/ST/OBC other categories etc. as per the policy of State Govt.
  1. That the supporting and other staff will be appointed as per the guidelines of the State Govt./the affiliating University.


  1. That the institution shall charge only such fee as prescribed by the affiliating body/State Govt. concerned in accordance with provision of NCTE (guidelines for    Regulations of tuition fees and other fees chargeable by unaided teacher education institutions) Regulations, 2002, as amended from time to time and shall not charge donations, capitation fee etc. from the students.
  1. That the academic and other staff of the institution (including part time staff) shall be paid such salary as may be prescribed by the concerned State Govt./University from time to time through bank.


  1. That the Management shall discharge the statutory obligations relating to provident fund, pension, gratuity etc. in respect of all its employees.
  1. That the Management will make adequate funds available for providing satisfactory facilities and for proper programme implementation.


  1. That the accounts of the institution will be properly maintained and audited annually by the audit authorities or a Chartered Accountant, and will be open for inspection.
  1. That the Management will strictly follow all conditions and norms prescribed by NCTE from time to time, conduct the programme in all earnestness, and submit itself to inspection by the NCTE.


  1. That the institution shall make the information or documents available to the NCTE or its authorized representatives as and when required by them. Failure to produce or show any of the required documents, shall be treated as a breach of the conditions of recognition.
  1. That the institution shall maintain records or registers and other documents etc. which are essential for running of an educational institution especially those prescribed in the relevant norms and standards and guidelines or instructions or rules etc. of the Central or  State or Union Territory Governments, affiliating or examining bodies.


  1. That the institution shall adhere to the mandatory disclosure in the prescribed format and display up-to-date information on its Official website.
  1. In the event of non-compliance by the Seth Tek Chand College of Education, Rattan Dera, Kurukshetra (name of the College/Institution) with regard to the norms and standards and any other condition laid down/prescribed by the NCTE from time to time, the NCTE or a body or a person authorized by it will be free to take all necessary measures for effecting withdrawal of its recognition or permission, without consideration of any other issue, and that all liabilities arising out of such a withdrawal would solely be that of the Institution / Management.
  2. That the Management will not cause or allow discontinuation of the Course in any year or for any batch, and that where compelled, it will seek the concurrence of NCTE for discontinuation on the completion of the year/batch.


  1. The   Seth Tek Chand College of Education, Rattan Dera, Kurukshetra   (College/Institution) by virtue of the approval given by the NCTE shall not automatically become claimant of any financial grant or assistance from the Central or state Govt., or support from the NCTE.
  1. That the Managing Committee of the institution has been formed as per the guidelines of the State Govt/affiliating University.


  1. That the Management undertakes to submit Performance Appraisal Report regular as per provisions of the NCTE Act, Rules & Regulations.

That I do hereby swear that the above declarations/statements containing from point (i) to (xxiv) are true and correct to the best of my knowledge & belief and it conceals nothing and that no part of this is false. In case the contents of  undertaking are found to be incorrect or  false, I shall be liable for action under  the relevant provisions of the Indian Penal Code and other relevant laws.


(Signature of the authorized designated authority
alongwith his/her official position and office seal




Note:- (1)       The information contained in the undertaking not concerned with the              institution need not be filled in.                                 

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